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Google Analytics Deadline is in 4 days MAY 25th.

Google Analytics Deadline is in 4 days MAY 25th.

Be aware that you need to set your setting to NEVER EXPIRE and if you don’t do it now, you’ll be stuck with the default setting of 26 months for past data at a cap.

I already wrote an article last week about this on the Stamina Records official site, so I’m simply embedding it here as well: Good Luck!


WordPress Hosting and Business hosting Options for 2018

WordPress Hosting and Business hosting Options for 2018

InMotion Hosting’s great WordPress Product lineup can help all levels of website owners running WordPress specifically (self-hosted of course! and if you don’t know what that means, let’s help you learn!) Yes I am an affiliate, why? because they have the right servers for my WordPress solutions! I can create a site on my VPS server within minutes. Just need to point the domain to my custom nameservers.

Here, let’s talk WordPress.. but know that you can see some killer deals in their Shared Hosting/Business Class.  So for your single site:

If you have a small blog, you can get the WP-1000S $7.99 a month. If you are lucky and quick, you may find it for $4.99!!! (37% discount!)

This entitles you to one completely free website domain! the space to host 1 website with 40GB of storage using SSD (solid state drive technology, no moving parts anymore) and unlimited bandwidth, so share away!

For email associated with your domain, you can make unlimited accounts, free SSL certificates and the best for last:

A WordPress Performance Boost

Our WordPress Hosting is a unique server platform crafted specifically to provide vast improvements for WordPress websites over typical shared hosting. Don’t be fooled by other web hosts that just offer standard shared hosting with WordPress pre-installed!

  • Handle 10x more visitors
  • 20x faster response time
  • Fewer accounts per server

Now, if you have more of a small business blogging type of setup and want more out of your powerful online presence, you can get the Wp-2000S

Specially priced at $10.99, but possibly as low as $8.99 / month.

You get: A free domain, 2 websites with 80GB SSD Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth + Unlimited E-mail accounts, Free SSL, the WordPress Performance Boost.

ALSO you get, (and man, this alone is worth it!)

Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins

Get a premium subscription to our library of WordPress themes and plugins for FREE when you purchase the WP-2000S or higher hosting plans. All premium themes are designed and coded to the latest WordPress and browser standards and work with a drag & drop page builder plugin, also included FREE. The WP-1000S includes a basic subscription to our library of free WordPress themes and plugins.

Last But Definitely Not in the Least!

Mainly because it is now scalable to whatever your needs become!
The WP-3000S is $16.99 / month, with greater increased levels of storage, etc. If you hurry it may only cost you $14.99 / month.

Then you can scale up at WP-4000S(6 websites, $36.99…possibly $29.99), WP-5000S(10 websites, $74.99…possibly $54.99) & WP-6000S(20 websites, 142.99…possibly $114.99!).

email address solution using gmail and a custom domain


This is not me selling anything, just showing my solution using gmail.. actually I find Google super annoying, however in this case I’m sending them business (ungh) with no referral or affiliate ‘cuz they don’t do that!’

BUT, for the easiest way: use GMAIL.

Here is my simple solution for hosting your email on a custom domain using all the tools you know

  2. use GMAIL FOR BUSINESS it’s about $4.16 / month and you get gdrive storage space.

I do this for aaron@staminamusic.com.   COST is $4 / month + 8/ year for the domain.


FAQs Topics for new website owners and bloggers

New Bloggers & Website Owner Help Topics for N00bs

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    • What is PhPMyAdmin For (cpanel users will see this)
    • What about editing WordPress back end from PhPMyadmin?
  • 301 redirects?
    • How do 301 redirects work and what are they for?
    • Differences between 302 and a 301 response code?
  • What is SEO?